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Honestly impressed my dude, you've definitely improved a lot.

>what the fuck was that.

SpadeBoy responds:


Decided to make my voice heard and write a review of this beast, it's short but it packs one fucking hell of a punch. This little teaser essentially establishes all of the plotlines of MAX 2, from what I've seen at least, from N51's involvement all the way to Yeelon's reason for being at the location. A great way to get the hype rolling and setup the storyline as well.

Of course, I gotta mention, to all of the idiots in the reviews asking why Yeelon is here. I ask another question... Can you fucking read or pay attention? The Organization J has created is called AAMO, which stands for Agency against Malevolent originals, in more simple terms, it's supposed to be the Anti-OC Agency. The connection isn't just for some stupid promotional thing or J having a lack of ideas, it has purpose. Alongside the fact that Yeelon is most likely one of the strongest/godlike OCs in the community at the current moment. Which gives Jsoull plenty of justification for his inclusion. Most likely to show what Abbadon and AAMO can really do and what they are truely capable of. If that is the case, then damn.. J chose a damn good power scale.

Anyhow, The visuals are amazing, I love the work that went into getting the 3D perspectives to work alongside the frame by frame used. It really gives it a unique style, versus the generic flippy dippy doo la la combat, that we see WAY TOO MUCH. Nothing wrong with that, but this is a nice change of pace.

Overall though, amazing work J, can't wait to see the whole film when it comes out.
I'll buy a ticket if I have to, to see it early!

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Perfectly captured the style of the game, plus a little bit more of a Kelly Bailey feel to it. Fantastic work my guy.

We've come such a far way, my friend.

Patrystyk responds:


Absolutely fantastic job, Pat. This was quite the journey and throughout each step, you've improved your craft. All that's left now is to polish a few of the others and we can release this genius upon the world.

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Do you ever just beg for followers??

Colors aren't madnessy enough.

Fantastic Job, apologies for being so late. Lovely to see my lad up in the top left corner. :)

Is that SFM?

Could have sworn you aren't allowed to post SFM/Gmod.

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